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Dealing with Debt Stress
posted 20 May 2017

Australia’s household debt is at unpreceedented levels. Many everyday families are struggling to keep up with mortgage and rent repayments as well as pay for utilities and put food on their tables. Some are faced with the difficult choice of housing vs food. Can this really be the lucky country down under? National Debt Helpline is receiving numerous call from people experiencing housing stress while juggling out os control credit card debts. According to stories coming from the National Debt Continue Reading

Property purchase vs debt repayment
posted 28 Mar 2017

There is no doubt that buying a home can be a very emotional experience. People often consider the home location, its finishes, distance to family and friends and even the property facade. There is a deep seeded need in most of us to know that we own our own home, even though in more often than not, most of that ownership is with our bank. Nonetheless buying a property is not a decision that we should be taking lightly, especially Continue Reading

At risk of having your home repossessed?
posted 13 Feb 2017

If you have a mortgage secured by your home or an investment property, then falling behind in mortgage repayments without advising the lender of your financial hardship, and renegotiation your current loan repayments, may result in your property being repossessed. While the lender’s rights to repossess a property differ for investment properties as compared to a property you actually live in (ie. your home loan), ultimately either can be repossessed if you fall into arrears with your mortgage. What does Continue Reading

New Year Debt Dilema?
posted 10 Jan 2017

Here we go again…2017 is well and truely here, and for many of you so are the traces of extragavances enjoyed by all over the preceeding few weeks. Christmas and New Year are certainly full of fun times with family and friends, trips away and exchange of presents. Unfortunately reality hits home soon enough with the arrival of credit card bills in early January. If you are unfortunate enough to be “snowed under” with out-of-control debts, not all is lost. Continue Reading

Looking for a small personal loan to consolidate debts may be a waste of time
posted 12 Oct 2016

We often hear from debt-laden individuals on the lookout for a small personal loan to consolidate their debts. They are behind in some of their repayments, credit cards are over the limit and all they can think of is to take out another small loan to tie-them-over for a few weeks when things are bound to get better…..but why? We have all been conditioned that when running short of money the best thing to do is borrow. This is of-course Continue Reading

Borrowing following a debt agreement
posted 8 Sep 2016

A decision to enter a debt agreement is usually preceeded by a period of financial difficulty and debt anxiety. Consequently few people take into consideration the impact of a debt agreement on their ability to borrow in the future. Nonetheless it is important to understand and take on board before choosing a debt solution. What is a Debt Agreement? A debt agreement is a binding agreement under Part IX of the Australian Bankruptcy Act 1966. The agreement is documented between Continue Reading

What can a Debt Agreement offer you?
posted 12 Jul 2016

Debt Agreements offer an effective debt solution for people who have significant unaffordable unsecured debt. However individuals who are on a high income or those who have a mixture of secured and unsecured debt may find that a Debt Agreement is unsuitable for their circumstances and alternative debt remedies need to be investigated. Debt agreements can have some adverse affects on the individual’s credit history and therefore a decision to enter a debt agreement should not be made lightly. What Continue Reading

Common mistakes in using credit cards
posted 20 Jun 2016

Credit cards are not at all the “evil” they are made out to be in the media. I like using credit cards and do so regularly. The problem is not in the credit cards themselves, but rather in how they are being used and misused. Lets consider the analogy of a knife – we all use it for cooking and it is a great implement. However some misuse it by using it as a weapon against others. The problem is Continue Reading

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