Monthly Archives: January 2014

Debt agreements are not an alternative to a consolidation loan

Debt agreements are widely misunderstood in the general community. Much of the reason for this stems from they way that these programs are promoted by some of the large debt agreement companies. Consumers enter an agreement believing that it is an alternative to taking out a debt conso0lidation loan. However nothing is further from the truth. Only individuals experiencing severe...
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Late payers will suffer under possitive credit reporting

Anyone who is habitually late in making their bill payments will be affected more severely by the upcoming changes to credit reporting in Australia. If you are fairly relaxed about the management of bill payment, it is time to take this process very seriously. If you do not, borrowing money may become more expensive and in some cases impossible. What...
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Who is afraid of a Debt Agreement?

If you are someone who has been experiencing significant stress as a result of carrying excessive unsecured debt, then a debt agreement may offer a good solution . However we often find that no matter how dire a financial situation consumers prefer to take out yet another loan to consolidate existing debt. Many are set against a Debt Agreement. Naturally...
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