Monthly Archives: October 2014

Choosing between debt reduction and investment

Debt reduction strategies are not the exclusive domain of those who are up to their necks in debt. You do not need to be experiencing financial hardship to try and reduce your current levels of debt. A common question that we are faced with from our clients is – What should I do first? Should you work of repaying your...
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Consolidation loans – know the risks

Although not every indvidual with a debt problem should be considering a debt consolidation loan, many are unaware of the associated risks and are not prepared to entertain any other debt solutions. Consolidation loans also knows as Debt Consolidation Loans offer individuals an opportunity to combine existing expensive debts into a single and cheaper debt facility. That is the idea...
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Credit Card Use – 10 Commandments

Credit cards are the bain of many people’s lives. However the problem is not with the cards but with how consumers tend to use them. Credit Cards are not a loan and if used as intended should never cause anyone any financial problems – they are a tool of convenience allowing us to spend money without needing to carry such...
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