Monthly Archives: November 2014

Short term debt fix vs a permanent debt solution

When debt collectors are knocking on your door it can be hard to think rationally. Any opportunity to access some money to cover the bills, paydown debts or consolidate financial obligations can feel like an offer too good to pass up. Unfortunately not all debt solutions are the same. Before accepting any money from anyone it is wise to consider...
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Can debt negotiation help you?

Debt negotiation is a process which involves having someone negotiating your current debts with your creditors. This can be done by yourself at no cost to you at all, or by an independent debt expert for a nominal fee. The advantage in using an expert is their experience – after all that is something that they are involved with day...
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Do not get trapped into the wrong consolidation loan

It can be easy to think that a Debt Consolidation Loan is the answet to all debt problems. You have fallen behind in some of your debt repayments, there are credit cards, Car Finance, Personal Loans and the like. Your friends are telling you of how they have saved with debt consolidation. It seems the natural choice. Why continue to...
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