Monthly Archives: April 2015

Consumers love affair with credit cards is back on

According to Veda Advantage – Australian leading consumer credit agency, Aussies have rediscovered the attraction of credit cards. The overall consumer credit demand in the March quarter was up 3.9 per cent on the previous year. There was actually a 13.5 per cent jump in credit card applications which had contributed significantly to the increase in overall consumer credit demand....
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What is your relationship with debt?

Most people take it for granted that debt is bad. Some individuals choose to go completely cold turkey – no debt for them! They will only use cash or debit cards. WIll not borrow for a car or even a home. After all who wants to owe the big bad banks? Right? Others will hope that if they ignore debt...
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Looking for a loan to pay off a debt?

Are you being chased by a debt collector for a debt that you are unable to repay? If you are like most others in such circumstances, you will take to the internet looking for a lender who will kindly agree to solve all your debt problems by lending you the money you need to repay this debt and get the...
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