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Dealing with Debt Stress

Australia’s household debt is at unpreceedented levels. Many everyday families are struggling to keep up with mortgage and rent repayments as well as pay for utilities and put food on their tables. Some are faced with the difficult choice of housing vs food. Can this really be the lucky country down under? National Debt Helpline is receiving numerous call from...
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Property purchase vs debt repayment

There is no doubt that buying a home can be a very emotional experience. People often consider the home location, its finishes, distance to family and friends and even the property facade. There is a deep seeded need in most of us to know that we own our own home, even though in more often than not, most of that...
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At risk of having your home repossessed?

If you have a mortgage secured by your home or an investment property, then falling behind in mortgage repayments without advising the lender of your financial hardship, and renegotiation your current loan repayments, may result in your property being repossessed. While the lender’s rights to repossess a property differ for investment properties as compared to a property you actually live...
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Ease Your Way In To The Global Stock Market

Heads up, you know darned well that you have to do something with your money. Something besides enjoying your weekends and getting your hands on the latest electronic gadget. That something, as you have probably already figured out is about getting up close and personal with the world of investments....
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