Hardship Programs

In general terms, you are considered to be in financial hardship if you genuinely wish to pay your bills but have insufficient money to do so.

There are a range of rules and provisions that are available to people experiencing financial hardship to assist in making it through the hardship period.

What is Financial Hardship?

You are deemed to be experiencing financial hardship if despite all efforts you are unable to maintain payments on your bills.

What are Hardship Provisions?

If you are experiencing financial hardship because of a lost job or reduced working hours, you may be able to apply for consideration under an industry hardship program. Suppliers of essential services also have an obligation to consider your situation and offer flexible payment arrangements.

Credit providers are also required by law to consider offering you flexible payment arrangements. Some other service providers, such as phone companies, insurance companies, and others may provide their customers with a reviewed payment plan in view of financial hardship.

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